Established in 2008, TreadRight, formerly The Conservation Foundation, was founded out of a desire by The Travel Corporation and its respective travel brands to support existing conservation organisations and encourage the sustainable development of tourism. The Travel Corporation's guiding principle is to provide enriching travel experiences for our guests across the globe. As such, the health of the world is critical to us, and we believe we have a responsibility to protect that which makes a destination unique.

TreadRight is working towards developing a sustainable tourism industry through its support of existing conservation initiatives, and through in house efforts. While we act collectively, individual brands will often champion a cause on behalf of all Foundation supporters. TreadRight reflects the commitment The Travel Corporation has made to adopting responsible business practices and our work to create a more sustainable future. 

To date, TreadRight has provided more than US$2 million to sustainable tourism projects around the world, in addition to supporting the World Travel & Tourism Council’s ‘Tourism for Tomorrow’ awards.  

Spearheaded by Brett Tollman, President & CEO of The Travel Corporation, and David Hosking, Global MD of Contiki Holidays, TreadRight has evolved to become the central hub of all sustainable tourism efforts within our own family of brands, as well as the destinations we visit.

Mr. Tollman has been personally involved with the World Travel & Tourism Council since 1998 and currently acts as one of the Council's Vice Chairman. Organisations that have benefited from CF contributions include Conservation International, the WWF, Tourism Cares, The Travel Foundation, the World Travel and Tourism Council and numerous others on a host of projects in support of responsible tourism development and environmental and heritage conservation. Please view our partners page for more information.

Destinations In Need

At times many places in the world find themselves in need of immediate help as a result of a natural disaster, unrest or other tragedies. Our offices' partners and the destinations in which The Travel Corporation operates have all been impacted at one time or another. When tragedy strikes, TreadRight take a page out of The Travel Corporation's book, and we help. We believe it’s simply our responsibility; no more, no less, and we hope that you believe the same. Some of the organisations we have supported in the past include NZD 50,000 to the New Zealands Christchurch Earthquake Appeal and AUD 50,000 to the Australian Queensland Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.