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'Scars of Freedom'

Scars of Freedom, a Cousteau Film chronicling a whale's fight to survive, documents a whale’s dramatic fight for life off the coast of Chile’s Juan Fernandez Archipelago after getting caught in a drift net. Produced by Céline Cousteau, the short film demonstrates the effects of human negligence on the world’s oceans and the incredible power of human compassion.


Fast Fact

Céline has more than 15 film titles to her credit, all on the topic of the environment and conservation

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The Objective

While on a film project in Chile's Juan Fernandez Archipelago, TreadRight Ambassador Céline Cousteau and her crew found themselves just a few hundred metres away from an entangled humpback whale, struggling to free itself from the nets that ensnared it.

Estimated at 250 kilos in weight, the net had cut halfway through the left side of the heavy whale's tail. Between two dives, Céline's film crew heard a radio call announcing some fishermen had spotted an entangled whale. Though untrained in how to deal with the situation at hand, the crew set off to rescue the whale, and were lucky enough to capture incredible close-up footage.




The Impact

This short documentary is the story of the repercussions of human negligence, juxtaposed with the incredible power of human compassion. The film also features beautiful images of humpbacks swimming through the protected blue waters of Hawaii to offer a contrast to the story.

The TreadRight Foundation has supported the production and subsequent distribution of the film, allowing Céline to tell her story at environmental film festivals worldwide and spread her message for change. 

Juan Fernandez Archipelago, Chile

Céline Cousteau

Celine Cousteau

By partnering with Céline Cousteau, Contiki Holidays continues its efforts to raise awareness amongst their travellers and team about ocean conservation and sustainable tourism. In addition to helping get this important message out, Contiki's partnership with Céline helps build on the achievements of current TreadRight initiatives with both Oceana and Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Leaders, while receiving valuable guidance along the way.
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