Wildlife has, and will continue to have, a substantial role in the travel experience. Coming face-to-face with extraordinary animals like elephants, tigers and dolphins for the first time is an irreplaceable experience. However, many travellers are unfamiliar with the issues many animals face as a result of tourism development. In many cases, the welfare of the animal is compromised and the experience for both the traveller and the animal is not positive. 

Based on the Five Freedoms, a compact of rights for animals under human control, the TreadRight Animal Welfare Policy asserts that animals under human control should have:

1. Freedom from Hunger & Thirst

Easy access to food and water designed to meet animals specific dietary needs for optimum health

2. Freedom From Discomfort

Animals must be provided with an environment consistent with their needs, including shelter from the elements

3. Freedom From Pain, Injury & Disease

By prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment

4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

The provision of sufficient space, appropriate “natural” facilities and the company of animals of its own kind

5. Freedom From Fear & Distress

The provision of conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering


This policy will assist our operations teams as they vet and assess all animal related activities TTC offers. Those rare activities that may not be in line with the TreadRight Animal Welfare Policy will be phased out and replaced with activities that meet our standards. 

In concert with the introduction of the TreadRight Animal Welfare Policy, TTC, on behalf of its family of brands, signed World Animal Protection's Elephant-friendly Tourism Pledge, committing to not sell, offer or promote venues or activities involving elephant rides and shows, and committing to proactively communicate this commitment to protect elephants to customers, and encourage elephant-friendly tourism.