As a leading Global Travel company and as part of the global community, TTC has the opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the destinations in which we operate and we are committed to leading in this by example. Through our Social Responsibility practices, we are working to embed the principles of sustainability into our core business. Led by a dedicated Social Responsibility team and a centralized process, all of our 10,000 employees and senior management across the globe are deeply invested in each stage of this process of measuring and monitoring impact. Recognizing that this is a lifelong journey, we have begun working methodically across offices, brands and regions.

Taking advantage of several Staff Engagement programs, our employees are actively involved in making their own offices more Social Responsibility compliant. Currently they are focused on optimizing water and material consumption, workplace health and safety and volunteerism.

Our team members can also take paid time away each year to volunteer around their own communities. Their efforts across approximately 70 projects are distributed over a wide range of activities. We endeavour to work towards building on these achievements. Our passion for having a positive impact on the people and places around us has spilled over from our workplaces, to projects and initiatives that we engage in beyond the office.

ENERGY USAGE REDUCED: Enough energy has been saved to power 51 households in the United States for one year

PAPER USAGE REDUCED: Enough paper reduced to save 7,151 trees

WATER CONSUMPTION REDUCED: Enough water saved to fill 10 Olympic sized swimming pools

OIL SAVED: Enough oil saved to drive from Lisbon to Beijing 13 times