The TreadRight Foundation was born out of the Tollman family’s commitment to giving back. Ever since Beatrice and Stanley Tollman began building their family business at a humble hotel and restaurant in South Africa, they have believed in the importance of helping to support the community around them. 


As the family business has evolved and grown over the years, so too have the Tollman’s philanthropic ambitions. While their founding of the TreadRight Foundation allows The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands to give back in the communities and environments they visit, there remain many philanthropic realms that fall outside of the foundation’s sustainability purview. Because the Tollman family recognizes that their guests come from every corner of the world, they feel a connection and commitment to the global community beyond the scope of TTC
When disasters strike, when charities need support, and wherever the Tollmans see valuable community building support being carried out, they embrace the opportunity to provide a helping hand wherever and whenever they can.


Among the many charities the Tollmans and their family businesses have helped to support are:


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