Throughout April, right here in our blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been celebrating this amazing planet, toasting many of the things that make the Earth so captivating and compelling.

We’ve celebrated countries and we’ve celebrated creatures. We’ve taken time to recognize everything from reefs to rhino horns, and as Earth Month now comes to its conclusion we take the time to celebrate people.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking, and you’re right; people – as a species - don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to sustainability and our planet. But to paint all of humanity with the same dismissive brush would be making a big mistake. No one knows that better than those of us at TreadRight. Through the years of helping to support sustainable projects around the world we’ve had the great privilege of working with some of the most inspiring, personable and positive individuals on Earth.

It’s a seemingly endless list of difference makers that includes the likes of TreadRight Ambassador Céline Cousteau, the amazing women behind the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise and WHOLE WORLD Water, the young people working for better with the MAR Leadership program, the pilots manning the TreadRight Bat Hawk, the weavers in Cusco and Perugia, the wildlife warriors in Australia, the volunteers in Vernazza and The Travel Corporation’s many staffers getting out and cleaning up their communities.

Then add to them the individuals on the ground and in the water in South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Botswana, Scotland, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, China, Vietnam and more fighting to put an end to illegal wildlife crime, save important world heritage, and empower the disenfranchised and you start to truly appreciate how much love people have for this planet.

Many have dedicated their lives to their respective causes. Others turn their success and acumen into a means of giving back. No matter who they are, they all work towards the same goal: creating a better world in the present and for the future.

Though it can be difficult to pore over the dispiriting reports on rhino poaching, it's heartening to know that the world’s difference makers are truly affecting change on shark poaching and that they are now bringing that same successful approach to help save rhinos, elephants, pangolins and more.

There are people right across this planet that have seen all that our amazing planet has to offer and recognize that they can help create positive change in the world. Every day more and more people are joining causes, giving back and discovering their passion for the planet.

While there is simply no denying that people - as a species - are the problem, there is also no denying that people have to be the solution.  The good news is, from our vantage point at TreadRight, we will be.

So celebrate yourselves. You’re doing great work and inspiring others to follow your lead. We’ve all come a long way and done some amazing things together. Now let’s keep that momentum going! 

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