In 2012 we introduced the concept of funding themes, in part as a way to organise our efforts, as well as a means to create a support platform for projects by like-minded organisations. Our four themes are Water, Biodiversity, Leadership and Community.



Oceans cover more than two-thirds of the earth's surface. They control our climate, drive economies and contain essential sources of protein for nearly half the world's population. The TreadRight Foundation sponsors projects which support the optimal use of environmental best practice that protects and preserves waterways, river habitats and oceans. Projects also include those which carry out much-needed research into the protection and preservation of endangered marine life ecosystems.


Simply speaking, biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. The TreadRight Foundation supports initiatives which aim to preserve our planet’s biological diversity through a variety of methods. Primarily, TreadRight initiatives work to protect and restore native plants and animals within an ecosystem.


Travel and tourism is hailed as one of the world’s largest industries, but increased movement of people often puts a strain on communities and their environment. TreadRight supports projects which aim to educate the tourism industry about sustainability and environmental best practices. This includes research projects that endeavour to make a positive contribution to a region’s natural and built heritage, as well as working to develop guidelines tourist operations and organisations.


Focussing on the well-being of host communities, TreadRight supports a variety of initiatives which seek to increase the socio-economic impacts that tourism activities can have on a community. The projects which TreadRight supports will engage with travellers and communities on the concepts of sustainability and conservation.