Céline Cousteau

Founder and executive director of the non-profit organisation CauseCentric Productions, Céline Cousteau collaborates with other non-profits and individuals to increase their world-wide exposure by creating short documentaries about their work, thereby providing a visual communication tool. Céline seeks to educate and inspire through adventure and visual storytelling.

Céline has worked as field producer, on-camera presenter and photographer on numerous television documentaries including PBS’ successful television series “Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures”, CBS’ “Mind of a Demon”, Discovery Channel’s “Mysteries of the Shark Coast”. Most recently she co-hosted a 12-part documentary series produced by the Chilean based NuevoEspacio Producciones, called “Oceano: Chile Frente al Mar”, during which she explored both diving under water and trekking on land from Antarctica to northern Chile and westward to Easter Island.

Endeavoring to explore and learn about the many regions of the world both above and below water in addition to their respective cultures, one might find Céline in any number of places around the globe: in the Patagonian wilderness filming puma, freeing an entangled whale, diving the frigid waters of Antarctica or swimming with an anaconda in the Amazon River. She has aided scientists in Australia conducting shark research and helped doctors deliver medical attention to remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon. When not in the field, Céline can be found speaking at conferences and universities around the world and continually working in the preparation of her next expedition. Also an accomplished painter, jeweller and photographer Céline uses these journeys and cross-cultural experiences as inspiration for her artistic work.

With a masters in International and Intercultural Management and fluent in three languages Céline uses photography, written word and micro documentaries to record the effort of others working in the name of a healthier and more harmonious world. Seeking to make connections between the human species and the environment, showcasing the importance of learning from one another and helping preserve the distinctive beauty and knowledge of each and every group of people are the baseline of Céline’s work.

Daughter of ocean explorer and filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau and granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau, Céline created “Ocean Inspiration” in 2011 in tribute to her grandfather’s 100th anniversary as a platform to celebrate and recognise ocean advocacy in all forms, from science to art, dance to filmmaking. It is her belief that we all inherit part of the Cousteau legacy in that we can all be protectors of this fragile world.

To learn how you can support Céline's work directly, visit CauseCentric Productions.