Sam Judd, co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines

Since 2008, Sustainable Coastlines has been raising awareness about the challenges that marine environments face and coming up with simple solutions to look after coastlines.

The charity’s team of four full time staff and network of passionate volunteers work tirelessly to coordinate and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns, riparian planting activities and other projects aimed at protecting and sustaining the coastlines around New Zealand and the Pacific.

In 2010 Sam and his team spearheaded Love your Coast - a series of beach clean-up events around New Zealand. An ongoing project, Love your Coast helps motivate people across New Zealand to get their hands dirty by picking up rubbish from the coast, combines hands-on practical learning with fun. The project website ( is a free tool for anyone planning and promoting their own coastal clean-up events. 

By focusing on simple, grassroots actions that combine hands-on engagement with fun, Sustainable Coastlines has quickly become a popular and respected organisation. Since 2008, more than 13,500 volunteers have worked with the charity to remove over 100 tonnes of rubbish from coastlines.