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Céline Cousteau

Céline Cousteau collaborates with organizations and partners on humanitarian or environmental initiatives as an effective way to increase probability of a successful campaign and gain additional exposure for the cause through an expanding network.


Fast Fact

A documentary filmaker and gifted storyteller, Céline encourages us to be responsible global citizens

Project Partners

The Objective

As Director of CauseCentric Productions Céline Cousteau produces cause focused multi-media content about humanitarian and environmental stories. Céline is also Founder and President of the non-profit organization The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship.
In 2008, Céline produced her first film for what was to become CauseCentric Productions, founded in 2012. Travelling around the world working on various aspects of documentary filmmaking, Céline meets incredible people who are doing amazing work to protect ecosystems, species, and people. A lot of the time they do this with little means, a small staff, and against all kinds of adversity. They inspired her to create CauseCentric Productions through which she can provide multi-media communication tools and a platform for their stories.
In 2015, Céline created The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship with a vision of passing on her family legacy of cause focused filmmaking to the next generation of storytellers. Launched in the summer of 2016, The Fellowship empowers aspiring filmmakers, creatives, and activists to inspire change through filmmaking. By providing an opportunity for The CCFF fellows to produce meaningful content without the constraints of full scale production funding or distribution, the students can concentrate on the creative process of effective impact storytelling.


The Impact

In 2011, Contiki was the proud sponsor of Ocean Inspiration, a two-part event hosted by Céline to celebrate the life and legacy of Jacques Cousteau – a man who opened the world’s eyes to what lies beneath the sea. Held in New York City, USA, the gala dinner was attended by two generations of the Cousteau family including her father, Jean-Michel Cousteau and her brother, Fabien Cousteau. 

Following the gala, Contiki took part in a public forum held at the World Resources Institute in Washington D.C., USA. “The Future of the Oceans” panel included conservations and marine biologists whose discussion focused on the consequences of coral reef degradation.

Contiki’s support for Céline’s efforts continued in 2012 when Contiki staff joined Céline to meet with the 2012 MAR Leaders in Mexico. The MAR Leaders are committed to tackling the environmental problems facing the Mesoamerican Reef System (MAR) and are building a network of local, regional and international contacts to nurture their projects.

In 2015, TreadRight welcomed Céline as our TreadRight Ambassador, helping us tell the stories of our projects and partners.