Village Weavers Project

The Village Weaver Projects are a series of initiatives that create economic opportunities for artisans in rural locations. The projects help develop ranges of handicrafts that combine craftmanship and tradition with artistic creativity and market knowledge. Their team of weavers, dyers, designers and tailors transfer their skills to aid artisans make a better living from handicrafts.


Fast Fact

Textile production in Laos has strong cultural significance. Much of the technical and esoteric knowledge is passed from generation to generation within the village and often has a distinct character

Project Partners

The Objective

In order to be sustainable as they continue to grow, Ock Pop Tok's Village Weavers Project now needs to be able to make informed strategic decisions that ensure the artisans are producing the right products for the market. Up to now, the organization has only been able to produce handicrafts based purely on intuition, which leads to overstock on some items, and a lack of some other in-demand products, affecting the organization’s ability to maximize the economic benefits for their artisans.

The Impact

The TreadRight Heritage Initiative grant is helping Ock Pop Tok with its educational element and its production strategy through the implementation of a reporting system that will enable the back office team to analyse sales of products to streamline production of handicrafts based on data. The impact is expected to be through better sales at shops and reducing large quantities of stock that do not sell.

The grant is also being used to create a multilingual educational app or audio tour for visitors. A multilingual tour will ensure more visitors to the centre, and Ock Pop Tok expects a bigger audience will lead to increased sales for the artisans. The organization plans to use the multilingual tours created with the grant for several years to come.

Updates From The Field