Philip Island Nature Park

Philip Island Nature Park

This former TreadRight project worked on Phillip Island, one of Australia's most popular tourist attractions and home to 32,000 little penguins.


Phillip Island Nature Parks‘s mission is to care for and protect Victoria’s coastal wildlife. TreadRight contributed to continuing research and management of Australia’s most famous colony of little penguins.

Visitors to Phillip Island witness the sunset ritual of hundreds of wild little penguins emerging from the sea and marching across the beach to their sand dune burrows. The Penguin Parade is the best place in the world to experience this completely natural phenomenon and provides researchers with unique insights into penguin colonies.


TreadRight supported the world’s leading research facility for Little Penguins with a contribution of AUS$118,000 for a new penguin weighbridge to help monitor the health of the penguins.

Throughout the annual breeding cycle, a little penguin’s body weight fluctuates considerably. This research indicates food supply and, by extension, the health of our oceans, ultimately addressing any negative impacts from human or natural factors. Interpretive signs were also been erected to help educate visitors about the local environment and this important penguin colony.


Funding from TreadRight enabled critical research of Little Penguins to protect their populations for years to come.

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