This former TreadRight project supported WHOLE WORLD Water, a campaign designed to unite the hospitality and tourism sector in the interest of devising of revolutionary way of thinking and a new way to do business, designed to balance environmental and societal issues.


WHOLE WORLD Water launched in early 2013 to encourage the hospitality industry to come together to help solve one of the most pressing issues the world faces – access to clean and safe water for all and to seriously think about the amount of waste that is produced in the sale of bottled water.

The organization looks to create a new way to do business designed to unite an industry, create scaleable impact and balance environmental, social and economic progress, without sacrificing quality or the bottom line.


As a WHOLE WORLD Water member, Uniworld continued to filter its own water, reduce plastic waste and put a greater emphasis on educating travellers on the importance of the initiative and the gravity of the global water issue. Uniworld donated $1 on behalf of each guest to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund.


This project promotes the availability of clean water without the need for plastic bottles. Uniworld educated their guests on the importance of reducing plastic and enabled guests to lower their environmental footprint.

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