Gavin Tollman

Gavin Tollman - TREADRIGHT CHAMPION 2018

Gavin Tollman has guided Trafalgar in its impassioned sustainability journey and was instrumental in refining TreadRight’s messaging.

About Gavin Tollman

With over 20 years of experience as an executive in the tourism and hospitality business, Gavin Tollman is the CEO of Trafalgar and Chairman of The Travel Corporation in South Africa.

Gavin Tollman's Treadright Impact

Gavin has long been a fierce advocate for sustainability and responsible travel in both his personal and professional life and has brought his enthusiasm and determination to make travel matter to Trafalgar and TreadRight.

He championed his brand’s Join Trafalgar initiative, with a vision of leading the way on sustainable tourism with its partners – safeguarding the natural beauty, cultures and traditions of the people and places they visit.

He also spearheaded a re-imagining of TreadRight’s messaging, playing a key role in raising the foundation’s profile and potential for delivering impactful campaigns.