Marie Anne Macrae

Marie Anne Macrae - TREADRIGHT CHAMPION 2017

Marie Anne MacRae has been a passionate advocate for TreadRight, helping to guide integral partnerships and amplifying TreadRight's sustainable travel message.

About Marie Anne Macrae

Vice President, Global Strategic Partnerships at TTC, Marie Anne MacRae is an enthusiastic promoter of TreadRight’s initiatives, helping to share the TreadRight message with audiences around the world.

Marie Anne Macrae 's Treadright Impact

Marie Anne has worked closely with the foundation to develop valuable partnerships, including her work with TreadRight Ambassador Céline Cousteau and WE.

Her vision helped launch TreadRight’s Storyteller video series, helping the foundation to tell the stories of its incredible project partners and the inspiring individuals behind these indelible initiatives, shining a light on their vital work.

Events organized by Marie Anne and her team have become a highlight of the TreadRight calendar. Her commitment to the foundation and its goals have elevated TreadRight’s ability to highlight the heroes and elevate the #MakeTravelMatter message.