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The TreadRight Foundation was born out of the Tollman family’s commitment to giving back. Ever since Beatrice and Stanley Tollman began building their family business at a humble hotel and restaurant in South Africa, they have believed in the importance of helping to support the community around them.


- Stanley Tollman

We have always built our businesses around the philosophies of a strong work ethic, exceptional service, an unrelenting commitment to customer care and for those we work with and the communities we live in and touch; a passion for sustainability and philanthropy. These ethos’s are center to our family. Today, it is incredibly rewarding to see these lessons materialize within both our family and family of brands. Our love for travel and being global citizens of this world is being passed on to future generations.

Bea & Stanley Tollman

At 8, I read about Paul Newman’s recycling efforts. This ignited my passion for sustainability and has guided my awareness and efforts to help protect our planet, have a constant desire to help others and to look after our endangered wildlife. Creating and driving TreadRight remains a gratifying achievement. I will continue to work to inform, engage and affect change. Making Travel Matter.

Brett Tollman

Many people want to make a difference but don't know how. This guides my actions on raising awareness and helping make a positive impact through action; like helping support local cultures and economies in our travel experiences, supporting wildlife protection and doing beach/park cleanups and lifestyle choices. It’s combined individual small acts that will cumulatively make the difference.

Gavin Tollman

The positive role that our family has set in supporting conservation, wildlife and communities globally has had a significant influence on me and our teams across all of our Southern African companies. We have taken many measures across our group to ensure that culturally we lead the way in the changes necessary to help make real impact towards a better planet for future generations to come.

Michael Tollman

Supporting and integrating local communities into my passion for design is firmly rooted in my DNA along with my love for animals and supporting wildlife initiatives. This blending of sustainability with design into luxury hospitality and initiatives such as The Tollman Award for Visual Arts which supports budding African Artists inspires me everyday in how we approach the future.

Toni Tollman

I am extremely passionate about people and their personal development. Their opportunities and outlook towards the future is so important and plays a crucial role in our company and the service we provide. I am equally dedicated to our sustainability strategy and supporting team initiatives to make a difference through volunteering and community programs.

Vicki Tollman

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