Ashford Castle’s TreadRight Easter Egg hero image

Ashford Castle’s TreadRight Easter Egg

Our brand partners at Red Carnation Hotels have surprised guests and The TreadRight Foundation alike with special Easter eggs at their Ashford Castle property in Ireland. As a founding TreadRight partner, Red Carnation Hotels is one of the driving TTC brand forces behind TreadRight’s mission to make travel matter. The special TreadRight Easter Egg is being presented to guests staying at the remarkable 88-year-old castle in the lead up to Easter with a note highlighting the egg’s three pillars of TreadRight inspired elements. It’s a heartwarming tribute from one of our incredible brand partners and a delicious way for guests to bite into sustainability! Here’s what it says in the note guests receive with the Easter egg. Welcome to Ashford Castle. It’s never too early for an Easter egg! Inspired by TreadRight and its three pillars; People, Wildlife, and Planet, we have created this egg for you. People: All our chocolate we use at Ashford we source from Valrhona. We have chosen Bahiebe, a 46% Milk grand cru de terroir from Dominican Republic. We have chosen this chocolate as it is important to us that every chocolate we use here at Ashford is sustainable. Valrhona work directly with the farmers in the Dominican Republic to choose the cocoa beans at their very best, creating a sustainable future for the families. Whilst staying true to their culture, traditions and arts. Wildlife: We chose to decorate the egg in leopard print, to create awareness for the leopard to protect, respect and sustain. Planet: We have eliminated single use plastic in the process of creating the egg, in our effort to reduce, reuse and sustain. We hope you enjoy your Stay with us! #MakeTravelMatter With Compliments, Paula Stakelum Resort Executive Pastry Chef