The Pathways Project


Tourism Cares, in partnership with TreadRight, TRIP School and the Media Arts Institute of Alabama, has developed the Pathways Project, which aims to increase representation of Black, Indigenous, and other historically underrepresented individuals in travel and tourism, with a focus on integrating program participants into roles in the guided tour space. 


Tour guides are the essential interface between the tour operator and the guest, and critical to ensuring representation is a part of a destination’s story.   

The TreadRight Foundation and The Travel Corporation have joined forces with industry leaders Tourism CaresTRIP School and the Media Arts Institute of Alabama on the Pathways Project, a joint mission to provide opportunities and reduce hiring inequalities in the Group Tourism industry. Pathway Project will develop a pathway of recruiting and training historically underrepresented individuals to pursue careers in travel and tourism. The project aims to place individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds in positions as cultural heritage tour guides, tour directors, interpreters, and storytellers.   

The program will actively recruit communities underrepresented by the industry and selected applicants will be provided with online learning, active mentorship, and an in-person training boot camp.  Upon graduation from the program, each participant will be poised for success and assisted with employment opportunities. 

The program is anticipated to go a long way towards greater representation in travel and tourism, through long term commitment and collaboration. 


The TreadRight Foundation has made an initial capital contribution to kickstart this program and is eager to welcome other tour operators to join in the effort in what needs to be an industrywide initiative. The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) further announced its support of this critical initiative, citing the need to raise awareness, diversify the industry, and present opportunities for underserved communities.  


This projects supports SDG 4: Quality Education by ensuring inclusive educational and training opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and other historically underrepresented individuals in travel and tourism.