Turisti Nei Cian Voluntourism

Turisti Nei Cian Voluntourism


This former TreadRight project came about when the picturesque town of Vernazza, which sits in the middle of the Cinque Terre National Park, was hit by a devastating storm in 2011. The destructive storm caused flooding and landslides, burying Vernazza in more than 13 feet of mud and debris.


The 2011 flooding and mudslides caused more than €100 million in damage. By supporting the tireless work of the non-profit organisation, Turisti Nei Cian, TreadRight assisted with the rebuilding and restoring efforts in order to ensure Vernazza and surrounding areas will be enjoyed by the community and its visitors for years to come.


Turisti Nei Cian worked with TreadRight to provide direct assistance to the local community and to promote sustainable tourism.

The funds raised were dedicated to maintaining, resorting and rebuilding dry stone walling in the region, as well as recuperating abandoned land and sustaining the program’s operations.

Turisti Nei Cian helped to build new bases for stonewalls, restore abandoned land, cultivate vineyards and olive groves as well as reconstruct hiking and agricultural trails. Maintaining the territory is critical to avoid further erosion and prevent additional landslides.


This project strengthened Vernazza’s resilience after devastating flooding and rebuilt the surrounding area to withstand future flooding events.