WE Charity Water

Providing a community with access to clean water relieves girls from the burden of collecting water, allowing them to pursue an education, and reduces the rates of waterborne illnesses, creating healthy, productive communities.


Fast Fact

WE’s water projects play an essential role in the sustainable development process

The Objective

Kanambu is in the Amazon region of Ecuador. There is a nearby river, but this source is highly contaminated, and piping to a nearby spring contains untreated water or lacks the water pressure to deliver water to the entire community.


The Impact

With TreadRight’s support, WE will construct a water treatment centre in Kanambu. This includes:

  • Establishing a water catchment system, constructing a water treatment plant, laying piping, and establishing water access points at the school
  • Laying the piping for the distribution system that will allow for household access points to be established
  • Community mobilization and training, ensuring there is a committee established to maintain the project