WE Charity Water


This former project played an essential role in the sustainable development process.


The community of Kanambu is located in the Amazon region of Ecuador. While there is a nearby river, this water source is highly contaminated, and piping to a nearby spring contains untreated water and lacks the water pressure to deliver water to the entire community.

Improving access to clean water is one of the most crucial and quickest ways to lift a community out of poverty. Its positive effect on a community is undeniable. From reducing illness, to improving agriculture, increasing access to food, and giving girls the opportunity to go to school, the transformative power of clean water and sanitation is sweeping.


TreadRight previously partnered with WE Charity to provide the Kanambu community with clean water to drink and use for cooking; healthy sanitation facilities for washing and going to the bathroom; and infrastructure like irrigation or catchment systems to facilitate food production.

TreadRight’s support aided WE in the construction of a water treatment centre that includes:

  • Establishing a water catchment system, constructing a water treatment plant, laying piping, and establishing water access points at the school
  • Laying the piping for the distribution system that will allow for household access points to be established
  • Community mobilization and training, ensuring there is a committee established to maintain the project


This project contributed to increased access to clean water in Ecuador. Communities with access to clean water are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty, pursue educational opportunities for girls and reduce inequalities throughout communities.