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Your 2020 Make Travel Matter Checklist

This new year rings in a new decade. With resolutions fresh on our minds and the promise of new beginnings in the air, what better time to turn aspirations of doing better into tangible actions. 

For most, the concept of being a responsible traveler is a novel oneIt’s true that it takes some thought and consideration, however it’s a common misconception that sustainable travel is unaffordable and comes at the cost of a care-free and enjoyable vacation. Some even think that it is a task too big for any one person to attempt to take on.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be difficult, costly, or compromise your travels. Most of all, you should know that your choices – no matter how big or small – absolutely make a difference. 

Here at TreadRight, we’ve got you covered. We’ve developed a Make Travel Matter Checklist for before, during, and after your travels. Its a simple way to become a more considerate traveler, and to help protect our planet, people, and wildlife. All 42 brands in The Travel Corporation (TTC) family are committed not only to minimizing their footprints in every aspect possible, but to empowering their guests to easily check off all items on the list by making a sustainable travel experience accessible to everyone! 

Download the interactive PDF.

Do Your Research  

  • Choose companies that have a commitment to responsible travel and to minimizing the footprint of their offices and operations 
  • Consider a destination in NEED of tourism
  • Travel to popular destinations in the off season
  • Request your travel documents be sent to you electronically rather than printed and mailed  
  • Research and learn local customs and traditions 

Be Prepared 

  • Pack a reusable water bottle or personal water filter 
  • Pack a reusable bag for shopping 
  • Bring your own toiletries in reusable bottles 
  • Consider offsetting your flight 
  • Consider group travel to reduce carbon emissions for indestination transportation 

 Tread Right While Traveling 

  • Refuse singleuse plastic and recycle when this cannot be avoided 
  • Eat and shop locally to support the community
  • Purchase locally made souvenirs (preferably handmade) and pay a fair price
  • Avoid any purchase of wildlife products such as ivory 
  • Do not ride animals that ought not be ridden 
  • If given the option, change sheets/towels every other day and for short stays, keep for the entire duration 
  • Walk, bike, or use public transport when possible 
  • Take shorter showers (avoid baths) 
  • Turn off all lights, heat/AC, and TV when you leave your room
  • When in use, keep AC at a moderate temperature
  • Honor local customs and immerse yourself in the local culture 

 Upon Return 

  • Share your learnings with friends and family 
  • Take action and donate to an organization or make a plan to volunteer