Rainforest Rescue


Rainforest Rescue is protecting the ancient and biodiverse Daintree Rainforest’s flora and fauna for future generations.​


The world’s longest continually evolving rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest in Australia is a deeply significant land for both the Indigenous people who live there, and for its unique biodiversity. Approximately 180 million years old, UNESCO has listed it as one of the most beautiful, and valuable, natural World Heritage sites to exist. It is an irreplaceable nature refuge with 186 plant and animal species listed as either rare or threatened with extinction​. It is also part of Eastern Kuku Yalanji country, who are the traditional owners of this area in far northern Queensland, having lived in the region for over 50,000 years​. 

Since 1999, Daintree Rainforest Rescue has been dedicated to rescuing and restoring unprotected rainforest to mitigate climate change and habitat loss. To do that, the organization buys back vulnerable rainforest sites that are not already part of the protected Daintree National Park. Once purchased, those sites that require rehabilitation undergo significant restoration to transform degraded properties back into lush rainforest habitats. To date, 44 properties have been saved by Rainforest Rescue in the Daintree lowlands, where they remain forever protected and out-of-reach of threatening activities. Across these sites, more than 350,000 trees have been planted to regenerate damaged rainforests. 

In order to protect Daintree Rainforest habitat and its biodiversity, the organization is working with Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation (who represent the Eastern Kuku Yalanji) and directly with Traditional Owners on this project. Together they incorporate traditional knowledge practices from Indigenous peoples with innovative ecosystem restoration techniques. 


Daintree Rainforest Rescue is TreadRight’s 4th nature-based solution partner. TreadRight supports The Travel Corporation’s net zero ambition and Climate Action Plan by prioritizing support for and investments into nature-based solutions to the climate crisis. 

TreadRight’s support will enable Rainforest Rescue to further its protection of fragmented lowland rainforest, while supporting local Indigenous practices and knowledge sharing. TreadRight Foundation’s investment has contributed towards the purchase and protection of Lot 17 – 7,900 square meters of unprotected Daintree lowland rainforest and the rescue of 4,582 trees, with 207 tonnes of carbon stored on this land.

TreadRight’s grant will also support a special project in celebration of Rainforest Rescue’s 25th anniversary next year. To address the lack of knowledge and understanding of the value of the Daintree Rainforest’s immense ecological and cultural significance, the organization will write, publish and distribute a book in partnership with Traditional Owners, the Eastern Kuku Yalanji, to share their traditional knowledge and perspective with the world and ensure this remarkable and irreplaceable icon is preserved for many generations to come.    


This solution is taking urgent climate action to address carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.