Protecting the Cotton-Top Tamarin

Protecting the Cotton-Top Tamarin


Proyecto Tití is a multi-disciplinary on-site conservation program dedicated to conserving the critically endangered cotton-top tamarin in Colombia.


One of the most endangered primates in the world, the cotton-top tamarin was declared endangered in 1973 following the exportation of 20,000-40,000 tamarins to the United States for use in biomedical research. Today, the greatest threat to the survival of the cotton-top tamarin is deforestation for agriculture, fuel, and housing, in addition to collection for the local pet trade in Colombia.


TreadRight is partnering with Proyecto Tití as the organizations prepares for the expansion of its forest reserve for cotton-top tamarins, providing support for reforestation, conservation, water delivery, and the installation of solar panels.


Through this project, we are taking urgent action to protect and prevent the extinction of the Cotton-top Tamarin, an endangered species.

This project also supports affordable and clean energy as the research centre now has a reliable source of energy from their new solar panels.