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Sustainable Coastlines

All around the world, beaches play an important role in the lifestyles of many, but as a result of human impact and urban development, our coastlines now face major challenges.


Fast Fact

Since it was founded in 2008, more than 13,500 volunteers have worked with New Zealand-based charity Sustainable Coastlines to remove over 100 tonnes of rubbish from coastlines

Project Partners

The Objective

The New Zealand-based Sustainable Coastlines focuses on simple, grassroots actions that combine hands-on engagement with fun, and as a result has quickly become a popular and respected organisation. The organisation coordinates ongoing projects in the Pacific that aim to create positive, long-term changes to local coastlines and communities.

Sustainable Coastlines has spearheaded the annual Love Your Coast project to encourage massive clean-up events around the country.

The Impact

The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) New Zealand office worked with Sustainable Coastlines to help clean up coastlines along the shores surrounding Auckland, New Zealand removing tonnes of trash in the process.

As part of its partnership, TTC makes time available to its staff wishing to participate in clean-ups.

In 2011, the TTC Kiwi team collected 16,081 litres of garbage, helping to play its part in the conservation of New Zealand’s beaches.

The 2012 two-week long clean up resulted in the collection of 80,000 pieces of trash, almost three tonnes, picked up by 790 participants across beaches from Greenhithe in the inner harbour through to Whangaparaoa in Auckland. 

In 2014, 850 litres of trash were collected from Rangitoto Island, New Zealand. 

Rubbish collected included: 13,683 food wrappers; 2,988 drink cans; 1,638 toys; 1,381 straws; 611 items of clothing; 311 pens and 289 parking tickets or receipts.

Auckland, New Zealand

Sam Judd, co-founder of Sustainable Coastlines

Sam Judd

Sam Judd, the founder of Sustainable Coastlines, a New Zealand charity, was recently been named the 2013 Young New Zealander of the Year. Sam’s idea for Sustainable Coastlines developed during a surf trip in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Together with his friends they volunteered to pick up rubbish from the coastlines for the National Park for eight days. Later, as part of a film project, they went on to remove an unprecedented 7.5 tonnes of waste from the Galapagos San Cristobal Island.
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