Tourism Cares


Volunteers from The Travel Corporation help with conservation efforts at tourism sites


Tourism Cares gives travel industry professionals the opportunity to give back in the interest of protecting and revitalizing tourism sites. Volunteers from the travel and tourism sector clean-up and restore culturally significant tourism-related sites needing care and rejuvenation.


Volunteers play an integral role in preserving the United States’ Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park by assisting with native seed collection and dissemination, invasive plant removal, restoration projects, and recovery programs.

Employees from The Travel Corporation’s American offices joined forces with Tourism Cares to assist with the clean-up of these vital and iconic parks.

Over the years, TTC and TreadRight have brought more than 100 volunteer employees to the national parks to help with the restoration, rejuvenation and revitalisation efforts at some of America’s most well recognized national parks.


Funding from Treadright supports the rehabilitation and restoration of protected land, contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of forests, wetlands, mountains and drylands. The hands-on experience for TTC employees allows them to appreciate and promote conservation efforts.