The TreadRight Foundation has the privilege of working with a number of leading authorities on sustainable tourism worldwide. Much of the work that we are involved with supports the sharing of sustainable tourism guide to travellers, and the industry at large. The following is a list of resources that we have either supported the development of, or have come to rely on ourselves.


From the World Travel & Tourism Council

Is It Too Much To Ask?

Hotel Carbon Management Initiative


From The Travel Foundation

"How to Make Your Holiday Greener"

"Travel That Makes a Positive Difference"

"Insiders Guide to Souveniers"

Green Business Tools



"Tips for a Responsible Traveller"


From Wildlife SOS - India

"A Guide To Elephant-Friendly Experiences"


From World Animal Protection

"Your guide to being animal friendly on vacation"

"A close-up on cruelty: The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon"

"Taken for a ride: The conditions for elephants used for tourism in Asia"

"Breaking Africa's elephants: Exposing the ride of cruel tourist rides"

"Tiger selfies exposed: A portrait of Thailand's tiger entertainment industry"

"Checking out of cruelty: How to end wildlife tourism's holiday horrors"

"The show can't go on: Ending wild animal abuse for entertainment"



Green Business Tools & Articles

Environmental Management for Hotels