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The Sustainable River Cruising Project

River cruising is becoming increasingly popular, yet the environmental impact is poorly understood and documented. Due to its all-inclusive nature, more and more people are choosing river cruising as a form of accommodation over a hotel. Despite this, very little guidance exists to allow river cruise operators to measure and regulate their own boat’s environmental impact.


Fast Fact

The Travel Foundation has developed a ‘Sustainable River Cruising Pack’ that is now available alongside its other free online tools to benefit the wider industry

Project Partners

The Objective

Uniworld, a leading river cruise company, has been working with The Travel Foundation on a project to help monitor, and ultimately reduce, the environmental impact which cruising can have upon rivers and the surrounding habitats.

The Impact

The Sustainable River Cruising Project, which began in 2010, has documented and provided measures to reduce the environmental impact of cruising. The project has focused on some of the world’s most geographically, historically and culturally rich rivers, including the Nile, in Africa the Danube, the Rhone and the Rhine in Europe. 

Based on the results from the project, and with the support of TreadRight and Uniworld, The Travel Foundation has developed the first-of-its-kind Environmental Sustainability for River Cruising guide offering best practices to river cruise operators worldwide on how to operate with as little environmental impact as possible. The guide is designed to support the river cruise tourism industry around the world in working towards a sustainable future by identifying strategies to reduce water and energy use, and waste generation on river cruise ships. 

The Environmental Sustainability for River Cruising guide is free and available to download here.

Europe & Egypt

Uniworld President Guy Young on Sustainable River Cruising