Just a Drop

After decades of civil war, North-Western Cambodia still belongs to the least developed areas of the country. The population consists mainly of returned refugees and migrants from other regions of the country, often trying to secure their livelihoods under the simplest conditions and with minimal resources and many live below the national poverty line. Sanitation, access to clean water and health and hygiene issues remain as major development challenges.


Fast Fact

Every 90 seconds a child will die because of unsafe water

Project Partners

The Objective

Funding from the TreadRight Foundation will allow Just a Drop to deliver high impact interventions in water supply, sanitation and hygiene, with strong involvement of community leadership, to three villages in the Kralanh District of Cambodia.

The Impact

The project aims to transform the lives of 1,806 people who live in the villages of Damrey Slap, Knar Chor, and Rolom Sway by improving general health as water-related illness decreases; improving quality of life through sanitation and hygiene; making it so that children are better able to secure an education, as they are not ill, nor needing to collect water; making it so that women are better able to earn income, as they have no need to fetch water, thereby improving gender and social inequality; making more money available to communities as they will spend less on medicine; and creating a situation in which more people are likely to stay in the villages, as economic conditions improve.