KARI Foundation

KARI Foundation

The KARI Foundation offers local Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous communities the opportunities to work together with initiatives designed to close the gap and support Indigenous advancement


The KARI Cultural Unit’s mission is to ensure all children in KARI’s Foster Care Program develop a strong connection to their culture and identity. These programs hope to provide hands-on cultural experiences that are both informative and empowering.

The KARI team brings with them a wealth of knowledge through their own life experiences, knowing how important it is to create a connection to one’s identity and country. While we are all on our own personal journey, a communal approach is needed to achieve this goal.


KARI is working to establish a new, culturally driven economic opportunity for members of Sydney’s Indigenous community. Supported by TreadRight, KARI is developing a learning program that will sponsor members of the Indigenous community to deliver boomerang dot painting classes, providing job opportunities in support of cultural heritage. In addition, TreadRight’s support will allow KARI to develop an online store through which their artists can distribute their items.


As a TreadRight project, KARI is empowered to provide access for Indigenous artists to new markets via the development of an online store. The program promotes decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Through local employment, KARI promotes the social and economic inclusion of the Indigenous community in Sydney.

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