Single-Use Plastics Elimination Initiative

Single-Use Plastics Elimination Initiative

The Travel Corporation (TTC) has committed to eliminating all avoidable single-use plastics across all operations by 2022.


TTC’s family of brands announced on World Environment Day 2018 that over the next four years they will phase out all single-use plastics from their collection of travel and tourism companies.

It is estimated that an additional eight million tonnes of plastic pour into our oceans every single year, this in addition to the more than five trillion pieces of plastic estimated to be littering the oceans at this moment. The larger pieces of plastic injure, impair, and kill wildlife, while disintegration of plastic debris and the manufacturing of microbeads are wholly poisoning ecosystems. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, if nothing is done to push back against the deluge of plastics currently overwhelming the oceans there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.


The announcement came as TTC, under the guidance of TreadRight, officially instituted an immediate ban of more than 60 types of single-use plastic items such as straws, coffee stirrers, water bottles, plastic bags, and cutlery from its 30-plus offices across its exceptional portfolio of brands around the world.

The single-use plastic ban in TTC offices is the first step in the group’s journey to the complete elimination of all avoidable single-use plastics across all operations, which will also include the phasing out of single-use plastics across its 20 cruise ships, all TTC properties, and all travel experiences. It is estimated that TTC’s efforts will help to eliminate the use of some 570 million plastic water bottles alone.


Eliminating the sale of plastic water bottles on our coaches and single-use luggage tags prevents several hundreds of thousands of plastics entering our oceans and harming marine ecosystems in order to protect life below water. We actively encourage our guests to bring reusable water bottles and recycle where possible as a larger part of our efforts, alongside our brand partners, to remove unnecessary single use plastics from our operations globally.

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