Stay Wild

Stay Wild

Human activities have been the major cause of the reduction of Scotland's Caledonian Forest to its present day figure of just 1% of its original extent.


The history of deforestation in the Scottish Highlands is long, complex and shrouded in mystery. Through the centuries, trees were felled for timber, fuel and to make way for agriculture, while grazing of domestic livestock severely limited the scope for regeneration, forcing the forest into smaller, fragmented pockets.

TreadRight teamed up with Trees for Life, the only organization in Scotland specifically dedicated to restoring large areas of native woodland, to create the ‘Stay Wild’ project.


‘Stay Wild’ gives HAGGiS travellers the opportunity to help Trees for Life achieve their goal of re-establishing 600 square miles of self-sustaining, wild, Caledonian Forest. The program has raised thousands of pounds in support of the work Trees for Life undertake and HAGGiS travellers have planted hundreds of trees in the dedicated ‘HAGGiS Grove’.


Stay Wild allows our HAGGiS travellers to plant trees and contribute to the regeneration of the Scottish Highlands. These trees will store carbon and contribute to climate change mitigation.

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