WE Day

WE Day

This former project supported WE Day, a movement that brings together world-renowned speakers and performers with tens of thousands of youth to celebrate the power young people have to change the world.


Combine the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of hearing the remarkable stories of people leading change and you get WE Day. This stadium-sized event is held in cities in the US, Canada and the UK.

Students can’t buy a ticket to WE Day, instead they earn it through the year-long service program WE Schools, by participating in one local and one global action. Some students collect food for homeless shelters. Others raise money to build classrooms overseas. Every young person makes their own journey to WE Day, but together, they discover their power to change the world. Through support from sponsors, the event itself is free to attend.


TreadRight has helped to make WE Day California possible for more than 16,000 youth in California, United States and have provided in kind support of coaches to bring students to WE Day from all over the United Kingdom. This support enables schools the opportunity to attend WE Day that otherwise would not be able to attend.


We partnered with WE to provide in-kind support via coaches to ensure youth could attend WE Day events. At the event, youth were equipped with the knowledge and skills to address global issues at a local level and promote sustainable development.

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