Whitmuir Society

Whitmuir Society

In this former project, TreadRight supported Whitmuir, a working organic farm that teaches the general public about food sustainability in a practical and engaging way.


Whitmuir Organic Farm in West Linton, Scotland is community owned, pioneering a new model of land ownership and use. The Whitmuir Community Benefit Society was looking to become a resource on sustainable food and farming, with discovery trails, exhibits, educational opportunities and citizen science projects. Whitmuir Organic Farm wanted to build a living, learning space in order to provide a unique opportunity to teach people of all ages about the journey from soil to plate, on the tourist route from England to Scotland.


TreadRight contributed toward the development of the farm, starting with the construction of a farm yurt where people gather for demonstrations, cooking and sharing food, while learning about growing sustainable food.

The project significantly increases the value of tourist visits to Whitmuir and bring the need for sustainability in food production into sharper focus.


This project ensures food security for the West Linton community, who will be able to purchase healthy, affordable produce for years to come from the farm. The funds will also go towards the farm yurt where cooking demonstrations will be held for people to learn about sustainable farming.  The project promotes responsible consumption and production of organic, local foods.

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