E-documents Initiative

E-documents Initiative

Before transitioning exclusively to e-documents, we planted a tree for every guest travelling with participating TTC brands who chose digital over paper documents, in this former project in partnership with One Tree Planted.


The e-documents initiative is a former TreadRight project implemented with the goal of reducing the environmental footprint of our partner brands. E-documents are the same as paper documents, the difference being that they allow us to save trees through electronic delivery, lowering our carbon footprint and yours, considerably. In May 2020, all TTC brands participating in this initiative moved entirely to e-documents.

By shifting to e-documents, we aim to achieve:

  1. A positive impact: reducing paper waste as well as increasing our tree planting efforts with One Tree Planted
  2. Maximum sanitation: eliminating the need to handle packages or visit your travel agent
  3. Efficiency for our guests: immediate and easy access to travel documents through any device

Prior to the transition and in partnership with One Tree Planted, a leading not-for-profit organization focused on global reforestation, we planted a tree for every guest who chose to receive travel documents electronically rather than printed and mailed.


One Tree Planted’s NGO partners work hand in hand with local communities to ensure the proper native tree species are planted in the most sustainable manner and have planted more than a million trees worldwide since 2013.

To date, the initiative has seen One Tree Planted plant more than 200,000 trees on behalf of TTC and their guests.


Our E-docs initiative allows our guests to minimize their environmental footprint while planting a tree in lieu of receiving printed travel documents. Since 2017 we’ve restored more than 500 acres that will store carbon and contribute to climate change mitigation. Many of these restoration projects take place in regions that have experienced wildfires, allowing us to also contribute to the restoration of these forests and their healthy ecosystems.

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