This former TreadRight project partnered with ME to WE to empower the passionate youth, women and men working together to make a positive impact on the world.


WE has worked in partnership with communities in the Narok South District of Kenya since 1999 and have been able to make incredible strides toward sustainable change in the community of Esinoni, Kenya through school building, libraries, water projects, and latrines. Esinoni is home to Massai, Kisii, and Tugen ethnic groups, and is faced with multiple challenges. They include the reoccurrence of drought and famine, early marriage, poor educational programming, child labor, lack of clean water, and no access to health services.

The primary goal of this project was to eliminate these challenges and the barriers preventing children from accessing education, and break the cycle of poverty forever. This was achieved through their holistic approach to addressing the root causes of poverty, and implemented under five pillars: Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Health, Agriculture and Food Security, and Alternative Income and Livelihood. All five pillars of their international development model were designed to be maintained by the community, for the community to have a sense of ownership over the projects, and for the community to be self-sustained over time.


Through Contiki and The Travel Corporation (TTC) Canada’s support of WE’s Education pillar in Esinoni, two new schools houses were constructed. These classrooms provide a safe and bright facilities conducive to learning for children in Esinoni.

Red Carnation Hotels also supported ME to WE’s line of high quality, single origin chocolate sourced directly from their partner communities in Ecuador, and the products will be introduced on Uniworld river cruises in 2018.

Trafalgar has donated to help to support WE’s education pillar and construction of a new classroom in Rongena, Kenya; donated to the education pillar in Dao Lazui, China.

Additonally, Trafalgar and Contiki have provided in kind support of coaches to bring students to WE Day from all over the United Kingdom. This support enables schools the opportunity to attend WE Day that otherwise would not be able to attend.


Through our various initiatives with our brand partners, we are helping to lift communities out of poverty by building new schools for children and ensuring their access to education.

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